Raymond Lau, Ray Lau
"All I want is a little more than I will ever get..."
High school yearbook quote, 1989
Raymond Lau
(Photograph circa 1997)

Raymond Lau, Ph.D. is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of iPhrase Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of innovative search and customer interaction solutions for enterprises.

Born in the city of New York, he spent the majority of his early years there and moved to Boston, Massachusetts at the start of college. Ray has remained there since and presently resides along the Boston Harbor waterfront in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard.

Raymond obtained all three of his degrees (S.B., S.M., Ph.D.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To learn more about his academic credentials, please visit the Learn link. Professionally, he is known for numerous entrepreneurial achievements in the technology area including iPhrase, Handango and StuffIt. He has received numerous awards including the MacUser Derek Van Alstyne Rising Star award (1989), the MacUser UK Lifetime Achievement award (1995), the TransPacific Top 40 Asican American Professionals distinction (1996), and Technology Review's TR100: Innovators Under 35 Who Will Create the Future (2002). Please see the Work link for more details. Finally, to read more about his obsession for great food and other things, be sure to click the Eat and Like links.