Raymond Lau
"Why eat to live when you can live to eat?"
Numerous dieticians and authors of diet books have proclaimed something along the lines of "Eat to Live: Not Live to Eat." However, good food consumed in moderation can be good for you too! I am an epicure and love everything having to do with good food. I generally prefer seafood dishes and new-American / Mediterranean-influenced cuisines. I also like to both cook and bake as well as to dine out. Some of my gustatory favorites are listed below.

Boston Dining Destinations

My regular venues (alphabetically listed with some must try dishes)

  • Bistro du Midi - Chef from Le Bernadin. Great fish preparations. They do a horrible job at marketing themselves.
  • Gaslight - This is more of a quick casual bite place for me.
  • Mistral - I love their halibut (or whatever seasonal fish is on the menu), Cornish game hen, braised short ribs. The pizzas aren't bad either if in the mood for something simpler. Did you know that you can also request a grilled vegetable plate (and a cheeseburger at the bar/lounge)?
  • Sorellina - The menu changes very frequently. The vitello tonato appetizer and several of the pasta dishes make great starters. I would combine that with one of the specials.
  • Via Matta - Great paster. Great starters (Yellowfin tuna crudo, sauteed shrimp, quail spiedini). The veal medallions are also super.


If there is one food that deserves special mention, it is chocolate. Some pastry gourmands avoid chocolate desserts, saying that it is hard to tell a great pastry chef from a merely good one because chocolate itself is already so wonderful with which to begin... but is that not a reason to order a chocolate dessert the next time you dine out? Of course, by chocolate, I am referring to dark chocolate and not milk or white.

The triumvirate of baking chocolates in my book is Callebaut (very intense), Valrohna (many varieties, good fruity accents) and El Rey (truly aromatic).

As for eating chocolates, I am still on a quest to try more vendors, but so far, my nod goes to Vosges Haut Chocolat and Richart. Also very respectable is a former endorsement, La Maison du Chocolat, but in the spirit of only recommending the best, Vosges has edged it out in my opinion.